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What's the point of "remastering" a level if you're not actually going to improve it? You already added enemies from newer versions so why not add checkpoints? I get that you're trying to be faithful to the original level design, but the original level design was bullshit and was based on memorization and trial and error. There is literally no way that someone would be able to beat MMZ on their first go without getting a game over. Also, seriously, you put newer enemies in the map-pack but you won't put checkpoints?!
First thing, calm down, please.
Second thing, I didn't put checkpoints cause it didn't fit the theme of the demos. But you're right. You're absolutely right. I'll put checkpoints and I'll make update 4.1 or something. But don't expect many checkpoints.
Third, we already went through this. This was a somewhat remaster in the past, but after update 3 I decided to focus a lot on immersion. But you're right. If I still call it remaster, I should at least go somewhere with it.
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