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Yeah...that's kind of the point. There were never any checkpoints ever in the original games, so I can't put those. Second, when the paths split, take right. Upper path for tails/knuckles, lower path for sonic. If you come from the upper part to when the paths join, take the last room instead o-- Just kidding. But yeah, its hard. Maybe I can make some crushers a bit slower, but there will always be some memorization factor, that's how the old levels worked.

EDIT= Rocky Mountain too has some crushers and crumbling platforms, but after some time, you get used to both zones. Detons tho...they're annoying.
What's the point of "remastering" a level if you're not actually going to improve it? You already added enemies from newer versions so why not add checkpoints? I get that you're trying to be faithful to the original level design, but the original level design was bullshit and was based on memorization and trial and error. There is literally no way that someone would be able to beat MMZ on their first go without getting a game over. Also, seriously, you put newer enemies in the map-pack but you won't put checkpoints?!
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