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Hi guys, I'm awake now. I'm glad to see this finally out, although it is a slight surprise to me too. :P

Wolfy has forgotten some documentation and it will probably be added into the first post when Iceman is awake again. The first of these is the level header option "TDBlast". Add this into a level header to cause the camera and gameplay to be rotated appropriately. For example, TDBlast = 45 will give you a 45-degree camera angle, just like 3D Blast. Next is that TD maps have 2 extra TypeOfLevel flags to work like TD Maps, the first is "TD" or "TOL_TD", this gives you the TD gameplay and camera etc. The other is "ND" or "TOL_ND", this gives you the ability to activate or turn off the "New Damage" system that we have in the TD levels and go back to the classic Sonic system. Go wild, and have fun. :)
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