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That's intentional. The game loads the file you're editing, and if you didn't save your edits yet, well, then those edits aren't in the file yet.
Ok while intentional, most of us are still conditioned to how testing works on the other Doom and SRB2 Doombuilders. Unless I miss my guess, the intention was to actually get us to remember to save so we don't loose our work, but couldn't this have been achieved differently?

right now there are still certain features of the old builders we use for SRB2 that keep some of us from fully moving over to Zone builder. Testing the map without saving shouldn't be one of them. Especially if we're still testing changes that we haven't settled on yet.

May I suggest a compromise? that maybe this be a toggleable thing? default setting be that it's the way it is now, but we can turn on the feature to test without saveing?
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