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We already have an option to switch off emeralds in match, right? This choice should be given to the host. Hence, if the host does not switch off the emeralds, it's his choice. I feel as if this is another mistake you guys are making, like the set rings and set lives feature removal in 2.1.
I think you're misunderstanding here. We're not removing the emerald mechanic entirely. We're changing the reward for collecting all the emeralds in match to be something that doesn't ruin the game for everyone else. For more details WHY we're changing it, here's a post from earlier in this thread:

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The harsh fact is, having everything equal is boring. In 2.0, the bombs were considered overpowered because of the shooting rate, and while I agree on 2.1's nerf, I still felt pretty good when I managed to figure out how to dodge bombs.
I think you're misunderstanding something fundamental. Competitive games are more interesting when there are a variety of options and strategies that are all viable. When one strategy is clearly the best, other possible strategies get pushed out of the game and the variety of the game goes down. Surely you played a ton of games back in 2.0 where basically everyone was using explosion and nothing else. The other options in the game were completely ignored because one option was so clearly the best.

While it's not important for the weapons to be individually perfectly balanced in a vacuum, it IS important for them all to be balanced enough that differences in play style and strategy allow them all to be used. Explosion is still a powerful weapon. It's just no longer the only weapon you should ever use and using another weapon no longer means you're bad.

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Match should be based on skill. If you don't have a certain amount of skill, tough luck, you have to try to get better.
There's a major, important thing here that you're forgetting: beginners want to have fun too. When someone is losing so badly that they aren't having any fun, they simply quit and play a different game. If every losing player in a match isn't having fun and quits, you won't have any opponents to play and the skill of the game won't matter at all.

It's important that the mechanics of the game promote having fun for every player in the game and at all skill levels. The purpose of a game is to be fun for everyone playing, and one of the worst problems you can have in a game is a situation where the people playing aren't having fun. Super in match was causing that situation, and that's why it's being removed.
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