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Originally Posted by Deadpool The Hedge.. View Post
Try something that no one has ever think of into an ability, like your roll soc. But instead of the roll make a soc for the thok. Hinote did it, I think you can also. But if you can't then just use a regular old thok. I'm not trying to say copy the same exact ability as Hinote but make it unique.
Just using Hinote as an example.
Originally Posted by XSpeedGodX View Post
No offense, but I do not like that idea. Giving Inazuma a thok or anything similar would make him extremely overpowered. Also, the thok is an overused and boring ability. I'd rather keep Inazuma's primary ability the way it is.
I don't think Deadpool is still trying to get you to use the thok.
Deadpool is now trying to point out to you to not use a thok but to use a custom ability the overrides the thok action. Hinote's primary custom ability is a great example as it makes the player (Hinote) launch herself forward diagonally into the air whilst spawning flames beneath her.
Hmmm~ So tasty!
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