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Only going to comment on the Match stages. Lost interest midway through playing CTF and I haven't even had time to play anything else besides Mystic's map.

Green Match Zone Act 1 by Root - 1/10
I don't think even typical Doom maps were this barren. Couldn't have been. Hiding a deathpit under nontranslucent water is a real bad idea, as are maps that just a claustrophobic GFZROCK maze.

Marble Zone by CoatRack - 9/10
Wow. This is some good shit right here. As in, "put this in vanilla" good. The layout is already almost fun and polished enough to not be out of place with the current rotation. Work on the texturing though; there's only like 3, maybe 4 outer wall textures, all practically one shade of purple, and it's very distracting. Do all you can to make it look more authentic to the original zone, but the excess of purple outside makes me itch.

Azure Temple is also stellar work, and I highly recommend rigging up a WAD with this track replacing O_MAP99M for maximum atmosphere. I'll be a little disappointed if it doesn't become a hidden map in 2.1 or, at the least, a Mystic Realm unlockable. Only thing about the place that bothers me was the anticlimactic exit area.
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