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Sparkling Icecap Zone by Me: N/A

This map is actually Act 2 of Sparkling Icecap. As you can see, the end of the map's theme transitions into the theme of the upcoming level.

Eh...I felt this map would get ticks cause of framerate issues. I'd recommend everyone to play in the 640 x 400 resolution (For those that usually play in the 1280 x 800 resoltion) as it reduces the amount of lag you get during the level. I really have no idea how to make the puzzle path more clear. I didn't want to start adding scripts telling you specific instruction on how to proceed through the level. Which I thought seemed lame... So that's why I've created a less confusing path I call the platforming path which is the upper corridor near the beginning of the level. If your that confused on the puzzle path (that you all seem to be only taking for some reason as I assume I haven't gotten any critism on the other yet...) and your lost. Simply take the other path.

Greenflower Sunset Zone by Fawfulfan: 7/10 N/A

This map, is just... platforming. Nothing seemed to interest me in this map. I haven't really found any big flaws about this map, except one. It took me a while to find out just what to do in this area where there are pillars coming out from a sky pit and there's a totem pole button. This button needs to stand out a bit more. I ignored it and thought I was at a dead end and kept checking the area for about 5 minutes. But other than that, This map is pretty okay.

Flower Cave Zone by Miles Knuckle Power: 1/10

Miles, I would love to give you a higher score but, man, you keep doing levels that are pretty boring, short, and horribly made. Emerald Hunt is really not a favored mode by most users, including me. The emeralds are pretty blatant to find. There were only about 3 areas to check anyway including that it was only one huge room. Submit a normal single player level for once. Nothing else to say about the map.

Frozen Hillside Zone by Blade: 8/10

This level was pretty average too, but added in with fancy snow gimmicks. The music you used, I really hated and thought it sounded really...'happy'. I don't know what else to say about this map. I just would really want to see you push your limitations to mapping. As this map has no flaws, it's just I wish there was a little bit more.

Stronghold Forest Zone by KO.T.E: 8/10

Eh. It really is better than your Stonghold Forest in you Choas Domain Level Pack. The Heavy Crawlas function a little odd... I didn't expect them to have actions like that. And the sounds that came from them that were placed ALL over was pretty annoying. I did get lost a little in one part of the map. You used a Cut-Away effect for this area. I could not find out where it was for a little while. So I looked everywhere around the area to find what you were trying to help me look for. But still didn't find out what it was. And at about 5 minutes I lost the image of the Cut-Away view. So I refreshed the map and tried again. I found the area that you were showing but still didn't find anything yet. But then I saw this structure that looked REALLY similar to your Cannons from side-views but it didn't shoot out anything so I checked it and turs out it was a button. Make this button stand out more. Aside from that your on the pretty alright side with me.

Jadeflower Zone Act 3 by blahblahbal: 3/10

I saw you tried to make multiple paths at the beginning, but didn't really make the cut of actually being optional paths because of how short they were. The ending to this map was kind of hilarious. Why is the level end sign among the middle of a wall in a cave like that?

White Mountain Zone by Kuba11: 0/10

This is SO cramped... Though so much detail. Finish your map.

Waterway Ruin Zone by Chrome: 7/10

Ah... I remember this map. I remember testing this. Your still missing textures at the same spots I've remember testing this..and I see you haven't took my suggestions. Your theme and texture choice for this level was great. It's great and atmospheric. I loved some of your gimmicks for this level. There's this underwater section where bobbing platforms act as crushers that I had a problem with. The bobbing platform crusher with the CLIFF6 texture is too fast and I really didn't notice the safe holes because how the textures were the same. Also, there was a fan area which seemed really cheap, and cramped which made the area lame... some areas are still bland btw.
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