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Some brief impressions on the SP levels. Will fill out the reviews if I get time

Gothic Gardens Zone 1 - 4/10

Visuals = None too impressive, but at least they worked... the black cliffs near the end were the only thing that caught my eye.
Gameplay = It was very solid, if a bit uninspired.
Difficulty = Aside from a few jetty-syns in some areas, it felt for the most part appropriate
Layout = Only use teleporters if totally necessary, those things bugged me. Also some areas I fell from a difficult platforming sequence only to find out I didn't need it to pass that area anyway.

Graceful Coast - 3/10

Visuals = You should make NiGHTS or emmy hunt stages, so we can look at the level's decor without being distracted by the gameplay
Gameplay = In some areas, I had to make a leap of faith because the camera didn't show me where I needed to go, I died to the six minute time limit while trying to get past the waterfalls. The springs and spikeballs were clever, but you didn't take into account the inertia and how exaggerated it is in 2d mode
Difficulty = In some areas it was decent, but the only time it really challenged me was due to some cheap challenge
Layout = With all the neat things you pulled off here to put the player on different tracks, I expected there to be more branching paths here. Even these track-switching tricks aren't perfect, I somehow managed to kill myself by hitting the springs at top speed.

Refurbished Gadgetry - Whoops/10

I just got halfway through rating the level before I realized I was rating a beta... At least I hope it was a beta, you of all people wouldn't forget to put an end sign in your OLDC submission.

Magma Core Zone 2 - 7/10 (Subject to change as I try out the other paths)

Visuals = As I've said, Infernal Cavern took ages to perfect in terms of visuals, the textures you've got here are simply too bright and too haphazard. And I hate to say this, but I somehow miss the old visual theme, as the flicker light really worked well on those textures. I might recommend bringing back the brown textures and using the brown cave and cliff textures as compliments.
Gameplay = While it was fun to play, it didn't feel as solid as your previous version. Part of this was due to the fact that certain gimmicks weren't quite solid enough to enjoy. Others have stated the flamethrowers without cues, and there's also the rope pulley which would have been much easier with an alt-view. Additionally, you kept using the rock things but they didn't get much more interesting... mix them up with other gimmicks... maybe just have them fall in an open area with pools of lava or add some of those crushing blocks from the old version.
Difficulty = The difficulty curve was fair and kept things interesting without getting cheap except in areas I've already mentioned.
Layout = I can't say yet until I've played the level more, however I'm glad to see you kept the situation where the player needs to jump on the box in order to use one area or else be forced onto another path. We need more of that kind of thing in SRB2 levels.
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