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Single player reviews:

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64: 4/10
Ugh...the scenery is great, but gameplay is just horrible. I was getting smacked around by enemies everywhere, there were no open places to run, and--most important--the forward/back transfer springs were set up poorly. When I sprung from the first one, I overshot the area I was supposed to go.

Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501: 5/10
The level is way too cramped, and there aren't enough rings. Also, a word to the wise...when you make a level with thunder, the lighting should NOT be at maximum. That way, you'll actually see flashes of lightning. While we're on the subject of lighting, it was way too uniform. It made the level feel kind of bland.

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade: 8/10
A real breath of fresh air. Action-packed, fast, and the enemies and obstacles were tastefully placed. An all-around win.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster: 9/10
I don't know what to say. Aside from its needless difficulty in places, everything about this level was done right. SonicMaster, you ought to create a basic tutorial for good level design--some people really need your tutelage.
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