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Well, it's been awhile since I've voted in a contest, so here goes. I played VX501 and SonicMaster's levels twice, Blade's level three times, and I spent about 15 minutes before giving up on trying to figure out D00D64's level.

Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501 - 2/10

It is pretty clear that you have a functional knowledge of making a map in SRB2. That's one half of the battle. Unfortunately the map that you've created simply isn't that much fun.

Generally, the beginning of the map is too cramped. The diagonal spring at the very beginning doesn't seem to lead anywhere. Was that an oversight? The area with the cannon floor was an interesting idea, but easily bypassed by jumping and air strafing, or simply dropping down to the floor and taking the alternate path. Perhaps you could have forced the player to cross a wider version of the cannon bridge, where you force the player to actually time his jumps? The green slime room is rather oddly textured. I'd choose one brick texture, rather than two or three. The final area is way too large and unfocused. There is a lot of empty space that you could easily do without. Also, the area lacked direction, as I had to switch from Sonic to Tails to find the end of the level.

Overall, it is clear that you have the knowledge of how to make a level. You just need to work on your design.

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64 0/10

Cannot complete the level. Took me ten minutes to accidentally find a zoom tube to take me to another dead end. Stopped bothering after that.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster 5/10

Generally good ideas, but lackluster execution. I loved the idea of having a two rooms flipped on top of each other than work as a separate path. Unfortunately, neither path seemed inspired. There was a lot of generic platforming going on in this map.

There are some really good ideas that could use some elaboration and improvement in this or a future work: Your "light to dark" room is a great idea. The awkward jumps aren't. The "spike platform room" was also a great idea, except the sector based spike collision causes the platform to appear lower than you are actually aiming for, causing numerous cheap deaths. Also, that path is too short. I should be at the skin of my teeth running out of invincible time at the end. Your "megaman path" bonus area was a cool too, except it just followed one pattern. Had it snaked around in a slightly more complicated fashion, it could have been one wild ride.

Overall, you had more than a few good ideas, just not so good on the implementation.

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade 8/10

This level kept me on my toes throughout without being overstaying its welcome, and without being cheap. Honestly, I enjoyed the vast majority of this level. It only has a few minor flaws.

I liked how you used sector based "wheel" flame jets. I wish you had done that for the other wall based flame jets in the level. Without seeing some kind of evidence of a flame jet, knowing where they are is a crap shoot. Generally the rock spawners were a nice touch, but perhaps you could have combined them with harder obstacles later on to make them seem less repetitive. The only room I felt was particularly uninspired was the room where you seemed to use the exact same lava column about 50 times with thin wooden frames to jump on to get across. It just seemed less natural than the rest of the level. The fire enemies were overall a fitting addition, but you could probably tone down on the amount of fire they spew out to make them more in line with other flame jets. Especially since the fire they spew out is a lot thicker.

Honestly, I liked this level quite a bit. I played through it an extra time for posterity. As a closing aside, the light fading in when you fell into the level, the light in the elevator and the tunnel collapse scene were really nice touches.

Will judge multiplayer later when I catch a netgame.
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