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These levels were played in software. If you think your map looks like crap in Software, please tell me and I'll be sure to play it again in OGL and see if it looks any better.

Also, if you guys want my attention, make single player maps.

Waterfall Town Act 1 by Superusuario - 5/10
From a purely gameplay standpoint, this level needs work. There was too much space and not enough stuff. I also thought the elevators should've worked a little bit differently so they don't kill the player as often. I'd also like to say something regarding the enemy placement, but I don't think I can really say anything because the size of the level throws me off.

When we leave the gameplay standpoint and enter into personal opinion, the amount of empty space felt out of place only because it didn't have a purpose. Either remove it or put something interesting in there. Personally, I'd just cut out the empty space so that the small details of the map such as the waterfalls can actually stand out as the scenery it's meant to be.

The elevator-thourgh-building idea was nice. However, there's no visual hint that it will rise up through the building, so I was unprepared and died.

Poison Palace Zone by SonicMaster - 5/10
I would really like to differentiate my feedback between a gameplay level and a personal level, but I find that almost impossible. My opinion is that I didn't like the level. Partly, my dislike for the level stemmed from my two game-overs. Jamming Dandjr and CEZ (and little bit of 1.1) into a blender didn't help either.

Gameplay-wise, the two biggest turnoffs were the the difficulty and un-forgivability. Saying something is difficult should have obvious implications: It's incredibly easy to fail at a given challenge. The un-forgivable-ness goes deeper into the core mechanics of the level: Most tasks, when failed, result in death. Granted, death in videogames is bad for generally two reasons: Firstly, you'll have to conquer tasks that you've already proven you can conquer. Secondly, if you die enough times, you're told to do the entire level over again. Honestly, if I can conquer something once, I really shouldn't have to be asked if I can do it again. The only situation where I failed at said task and didn't die, I was incredibly lost. After wandering around for a bit, I found I was quite simply backtracking to a point where I could retry said task. Dieing would've been quicker and less painful, seeing as how there was a starpost there anyway.

Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 by Glaber - 1/10
I'm sorry, Glaber, intentionally confusing us isn't a good idea. I liked the music, but it really shouldn't have been louder than the sound effects.
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