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Single player

Waterfall Town Zone, Act 1 by Superusuario (2/10)
4 words, Game Over Try Again
This level just reeked of Roboegg syndrome and felt way to open.

Poison Palace Zone by SonicMaster (7/10)
I thought this was a really good map, but there was a bad spot for sonic and I was able to find some walls for knuckles to climb up. Because of this I skiped a good chunck of the level.

Scrap Brain Zone, Act 3 by Glaber (CR/10)
Did any one press F1?

MAPA1 - Combination Zone by Superusuario (3/10)
There was too much space and the transzition was bad. (Teleports?)

MAPA2 - 39 Divided By 0 (8/10) [rule invaliad]
I actually thought this stage was better than your milkshake one.

MAPA3 - Sky Island Zone by Roy Kirby (7/10)
I thought this level was preaty good.

MAPA4 - Moon Milkshake Zone by SonicMaster (4/10)
Can you make it Strawberry next time? Personaly I don't like low gravity zones

MAPA5 - Factory Zone by Chaos
Big. more later

MAPA6 - Nightopeon Casino by Kuja
MAPA7 - Awesome by Torgo
MAPA8 - Hidden Palace Zone by Knockout the Echidna
MAPA9 - Haiff Zone by DarkWarrior

MAPAA - Cylindrical Mine Zone by SonicMaster
MAPAB - Tubelectric Zone by Glaber

MAPAC - Los Pants Gehts Zone by SonicMaster
MAPAD - Medivo Circuit N Zone by Glaber
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