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Ok, used in Boom...
Well, how do I fix this?

I have been waiting for 2 days and no help? I wanna make some levels, but I can't without TEXTURE1, because I add new patches. And if that doesn't work, I won't be able to finish my wad because of this stupid glitch. And I was planing of creating a new gametype too. Well?

Hey, I think I got it! To copy TEXTURE1 from other wads, and delete the custom once, and add mine. Maybe it will fix it too. Because texture1 is changinig to it's folder since the last edit and it stays. I'll tell you if it works or not.

It didn't work. In other wads it can be shown, but in mine not. I'll see if something is wrong. If I can't fighure it out, then I'll upload the wad and see if you can find what's wrong.

I can't belive it that I was so stupid! Somehow pnames lump changed all it's names to "'. No wonder it works when I re-add the patch.
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