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Single Player Maps

Aquatic Basin Zone by Boss. 0/10
You forgot the naming convention...

First, the thing placement, there were some areas that were very empty, and also the water FOF's were a bit weirdly placed.

One thing I noticed is that one of your areas with water has a bugged up wall, which causes HOM and thats not good to see, also, please use colormaps in the water next time...

Some rings are not deafed.

Also, during some point of playing this, the map sigseved.

Knux Emerald Quest Zone by SonicMaster. 1/10
You forgot the naming convention...

Currently, I have to say it, but you need to work on this. Its a wide open area, with nothing in it, the only things in it were the emerald hunting ones and a fire shield box, plus there's a hole that didn't have any textures placed on it, so HOM isn't even good to look at while in there. Different game modes make the emeralds switch around in different places so you just got saved from it being a 0.

Arctic Dewpoint Zone by SonicMaster. 4/10
Nice NiGHTS map, however there are a few things wrong with it.

One of the textures on the water has a GFZROCK1, and its a bit weird seeing water having that.

The first eblem hoop was slightly out of place, part if it was out of the track, so I couldn't grab all of them. I think there were others, but I rather not put all of it here thus making this one big post.

I have seen 2 REDWALLS in OpenGL, and since I mostly use it, it's not really nice to see, you have placed textures on the small parts of the sides, but why not the big sides?

The snow caused lag and most of the things started to disappear and it was hard to tell if there was something there or not, I was first thinking there wasn't anything placed here at all, until I started moving around, then the things started to appear.

Super Special Stage Zone by SonicMaster. 0/10
-_-... your kidding, right?

This is a special stage map, and SP maps are suppose to be having end signs and stuff. (Insert message of some other stuff here.)

The rings are placed too close together, all in large big clumps, and since they are so close, going at high speeds with sonic and I pass most of the rings, say 30 and only picked up 18, while they were close in a line.

The textures, you could of used most than just the red one, in the tunnel, you used a blue one on the other side of the tunnel, you could of added a bit of green textures and stuff...

Omega Tree Zone by RedEchidna. 2/10
...why did you use just one texture for the whole level? I did see a wooden texture in some parts, but you could of aleast used different ones so they don't blend in too well with the ones in the back.

In some areas, it lags, take the end of the level on the top in software.

Sapphire Coast Zone Act 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog. 8/10
Good level, really nice one, but you could of made it a bit longer.


Did I miss any?
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