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Aquatic Basin Zone by Boss - 6/10

It looks like you didn't follow the naming convention. :)

When I first booted up the level, I noticed that you indeed have learnt the basics of level making. Props to you. But I was also greeted to a pond, a pit inside the pond with a spring in it, and platforms where you need to spring to get to. This in particular is a bad idea because you chose opaque waterblocks (which I'll bring up now has no colormap) so I couldn't see where to go. After I finally got onto the platform and continued, I found an area where you need to accelerate on the springs and I had no idea until I landed into the area below. I also noticed you used GFALL1 instead of CFALL1 for the waterfall textures. After that, I was greeted to a small maze-like area. This too is a bad idea, and there even weren't any powerups hidden in there :). The next parts were open and some of them quite empty, and mysterious waterfalls coming from the sky! It was pretty much the same as a more-open version of the second part of the level throughout the rest of the level. The level is quite short although I took a while to get past it, and I have no problem with short levels so that won't lose you any points. The level looks good, although I would of used colormaps, CFALL1, on the edge of grass ground I would of used GFZGRASS to make it look even better, and use some scenery such as flowers and trees.

Knux Emerald Quest Zone by SonicMaster - 1/10

Are you a beginner? Because, I'm sorry, this level sucks. Hard. This level sucks hard because, firstly, it's an emerald hunt stage. These types of levels don't work very well in SRB2, and that is amplified by the fact that you're forced to use Knuckles because it has Knuckles-only areas with the emerald pieces in them, and you didn't even use FORCECHARACTER in the level headers to force players to use Knuckles. Two, the level itself is very bland. It's a wide, open space with nothing interesting to look at or even do, just climbing walls, glide and trying to see tiny emerald pieces in a void of blue sky and random grass walls flying beside me. One thing that saved it from a 0 is the fact that you have a thok barrier, and even vertically-moving platforms, which the latter in particular is impressive for a beginner. This wad doesn't follow the naming convention either. Please take into account my constructive criticism, I do see some real potential here, it's just not come out yet. :)

Arctic Dewpoint Zone by SonicMaster - 7/10

There is only one thing I have to say about this: o_O.

This, is, a FANTASTIC improvement! Why did you submit Knux Emerald Quest when you can produce something like this? Some really noticable points here: This is a double-mare NiGHTS level, a GOOD double-mare NiGHTS level. Visuals look great, but I noticed some REDWALL. When you think it can't get any better, well it doesn't unfortunately. Placing of some of the emblems are spot on, some not so well like the first emblem circle at the beginning of the level. The same thing applies to most other stuff like rings and hoops. And that is where the bad stuff ends. You shouldn't have sent in Knux Emerald Quest, this level quite thoroughly owns the latter. :)

Super Special Stage Zone by SonicMaster - 1/10

I should technically be giving this a zero since this isn't a single player stage at all. But I figured after Arctic Dewpoint I should give you some leeway just in case this was good. But I was thoroughly disappointed.
First off, this is indeed what the title implies. A special stage. A horrible one at that. It requires 750 rings to beat it, and I could be Super Sonic because I did the level by going into it via level select. You could of not made that happen by giving this thing its own gamedata. This level has bad placement of rings, it has it all in scrunched up (lack of better adjectives) groups far apart. I finished the level within a second of the time being up. If you were going to make a special stage (you shouldn't have submitted this at all), compare your special stage and the official special stages. The stage, like Knux Emerald Quest Zone, looks very bland, and is very large and empty.

Omega Tree Zone by RedEchidna - 6/10

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say about this level. It's very sub-par, but a little over that too! Don't worry. :)

The first thing I noticed is the amount of tough enemies in the cramped spots. I kept getting hurt by the red buzzes in particular. The level is very Verdant Forest-inspired, especially the first part of the map, I got a little lost but I eventually found my way. Multiple paths are great, just don't overdo it. :)

...See? I told you I didn't have much to say. Not to say it's a bad map, it's a decent map and I had a little fun playing it, keep on working and you'll improve alot, I see some serious potential here. :)

Sapphire Coast Zone Act 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog - 7/10

This is the best zone in the pack. It's very pretty. :)

The first part in particular I loved. It was very open and reminded me of Rocky Pass with the textures and Jade Coast Act 2. There was lots of room to run around and a few paths that I could take, all of them leading to the same area. However, while this level shows alot of polish and plays very well, I have to be picky about something in a level. :) First off, the latter parts of the level are cramped and aren't nearly as interesting as the first part of the level. I would also have loved the level to be a bit longer, and I would of thoroughly enjoyed it even more.

You've proved you can make a great level, Blade T. Hedgehog. You can step that up to a much better level if you tried much harder, and you have it in you. :)


Whooh...done. :) Read it and weep. :P
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