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SP votes. I don't know when I'll be able to get my hands on a multiplayer server, honestly.

Knux Emerald Quest by SonicMaster - 3/10
Okay. Real maps that you can enjoy playing take work. That's not to say that sitting down and playing this didn't occupy me, though.

Coming into this level, I'm expecting a forcechar to Knuckles. Given that I wasm' Knuckles when I showed up, I'm relatively happy that I could collect all the emeralds as Sonic. However, the hiding spots weren't exactly original in the sense of that I could tell they were new and different. I found them more by running around and looking at when my radar went blue, then green, then yellow. I'm also rather dissapointed that I used the same spring to collect two of the three emeralds. Pardon me if the emeralds had different spawns the second time, I only played through once on normal. :X

Although, that's not the real problem here. There weren't any rings. At all. Not that this is particularly bad, because there weren't any enemies. However, rings give the level a sense of direction, as well as a bit of decoration. Enemies would've given the level a bit more of a challenge. Some decoration would've been nice too, although the level had a somewhat nice feel as it was. Randomly scatterring flowers wouldn't have looked too good either.

Also, GFZROCK. Is generic.

Sapphire Coast Zone 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog - 6/10

Whao, dude. Definately decent. I thought there was good scenery, ring, and enemy placement. I also liked the alternate routes, and even the different ways to go through a given route. Although, one alternate path seemd like it just U-turned the player without knowing it. And on alternate path seemed Tails-Knuckles only, although I got there with crawla hopping.

That's not to say the map too special, though. There weren't any gimmicks, and it could've been longer. The beach theme is kinda over-used anyhow.

Omega Tree Zone by RedEchidna - 2/10

Mush. Everything blends. Suddenly there is no level. There is vines! Where are you? You are not trapped in the suffocating embrace of the Tree Queen herself. No! My friend, you are playing SRB2. In a level that only uses one texture. Everywhere.

And in other news, crampedness. Not to mention that the spring design was entirely for looks. Spring designs are most useful when they, well, get you somewhere. Specifically, somewhere when something with less springs wouldn't work as well. Read: GFZ2. Also, I fell off at the end. ;.;

Aquatic Basin Zone by Boss - 0/10

Whao there, buddy. If you can't fit a good amount of detail into a large map, howabout taking the same detail and making it smaller? A big, open area is useless if there's nothing in it, and a small hallway is a good hallway.

And while there's other problems here, I think you'd best focus on the size one. Seriously.

Arctic Dewpoint Zone by SonicMaster - 4/10

Firstly, running around. There wasn't anything interesting or exciting lying around, so I just kinda shrugged it off and headed for the drone. I did see some rings, but the horrible draw distance is yet another reason why you shouldn't put stuff out there like that.

Secondly, the item placement was odd to say the least. It felt more like "Oh hey, I happened to see this! Let's go pick it up!" than "Dude! Dude! This is the track! Let's go follow it!" And some of the items were waaay too close together. And it was distirbing that it took 100 rings to kill the capsule. Honestly.

Super Special Stage Zone by SonicMaster - 1/10
You're joking, right?

Too many rings, too close together. Not enough sector variation. And I turned Super Sonic.
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