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Why did they remove Grey
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Originally Posted by Mystic
A previous match contest winner was good enough to be included in 1.09 itself.
I've heard about such things actually, has this been going on longer than what most people here think?

EDIT: I've decided, I'm entering this contest with two match entries. One is a map a friend wanted me to make (Unreleased, unfinished) and a sucessor to Greenery Hills 2: Greenery Hills 3! :mrgreen: *shot for lame name* I'm gonna incorperate all the feedback I've gotten from the last contest into this all new Green-Hill map. Green Hill is over done but I seem to have risen above most as some people have been saying.

Also, I would enjoy a collab with someone, match or single player but I'm not liked enough for anyone to ask me. :\

EDIT 2: What do you mean by "The name you want used to attribute the map"?
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