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Single player:

Red House Zone by Ice
: 4/10
A very great creative mash up of levels. Although mostly just platforming. The part with Red is creative. And the library part was grand. But, it just had platforming, and not really any interesting gimmicks. And in my opinion, you should try and use custom textures and custom scenery. Maybe some socced enemies, just to give the level something different to look at. As of the fact of the usage of GFZ textures.

Pipe Towers Zone by Fawfulfan: 7/10

A great, very well themed Mario Map, one of the best in my opinion.

Aquatic Temple by Kuba11: 4/10

The level had great detail and scenery, but the gargoyle puzzle was kind of confusing.

Midnight Pass Zone, Act 2 by KO.T.E: 6/10

A great level with great custom scenery and textures. Also, a great secret. And the water rising part was great and exciting.

Donkey Kracken's Disasterous Quest by D00D64: 10/10

A great entry to the OLDC that does something different. It has great gimmicks and makes great use of the homing attack. It was also very humorous.


Siberian Base Zone, by akb778 - 5/10

Pretty good. A decent textured and detailed level. Great gameplay.

SemiRuin Forest Zone, by Zipper - 3/10

Pretty big. And needed more rings. But, pretty great.

Splice Lab Zone, by Fawfulfan - 7/10

Kind of cramped. But great details.

Storm Stronghold Zone, by Spherallic, Errol, RedEnchilada, and SpiritCrusher - 10/10

A great detailed level. Greatly designed. What an inspiration.

Jello Factory Zone, by Charybdizs - 10/10

Very unique. The gimmick of Jello. Brilliant. Just great.

Topanga Lifts Zone, by Brawl - /10

Rush Jungle Zone, by Scizor300, KO.T.E, and Simsmagic - 5/10

A great rush map. With great details.

Capture The Flag:

Frantic Forest Zone, by ThunderNova - 7/10

A simple yet great level. Great texture choices in my opinion. Unique.

Galactic Waterworks Zone, by Spherallic - 9/10

Amazing. Just great. A very detailed and designed level.

Molten Canyon Zone, by akb778 - 7/10

A great detailed level.

Lethal Filibuster Zone, by Fawfulfan - 7/10

A very great creative themed level with the Democrats v.s. the Republicans.


Girder Detour Zone, by Fawfulfan - 10/10

A great racing level, with great detail.

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