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I just pretty much lost my entire lengthy post on all of the reviews and scores I've given for the single player levels. So screw it, here are the scores with short comments. :S

Red House Zone by Ice: 6/10

Good platforming design, but doesn't feel anything special.

Pipe Towers Zone by Fawfulfan: 10/10

Perfect level with great visuals, gimmicks, and secret items.

Aquatic Temple by Kuba11: 4/10

Boring generic platforming level with frustrating underwater gargoyle puzzle.

Donkey Kracken's Disasterous Quest by D00D64: 9/10

Very entertaining level with good use of homing attack, funny cutscenes, and lots of other detail put into it.

Midnight Pass Zone, Act 2 by KO.T.E: 7/10

The level looks great, but doesn't offer anything special besides the rising water at the end. While it was a bit entertaining, there was nothing exciting put into it.

Overall, this was an awesome contest. This really makes up for the mediocre contests we've had previously.
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