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Frantic Forest Zone by ThunderNova (5/10)

Starting out, this is quite good, and I do mean good, in my standards :P.
Okay let's start.
The area theme is quite fitting, however, still everyone in-contests always
miss colormaps, what's with them? Liquids are better with the colormap that represents them

Overall this map is good, just a few fixes like the colormaps, and I don't find this part quite.. natural. You should fix it in my opinion ;)

Galactic Waterworks Zone by Spherallic (7/10)

Long zone name right? XD
This map is quite decent, and this map is at first I already know is quite a good one, why?
There's a fitting colormap for the liquids here. XD Alright seriously though, the liquids here
became more realistic with the fitting colormap. Anyway you should make the red floors or blue floors, err both, uh, the .. AH SEE SCREENSHOT ! That kinda floor will look better if they glow and fade and so on. I honestly think it will be way better that way. :)

Molten Canyon Zone by akb778 (6/10)

Starting out in front of Lava, cool.
You should make the starting point face the other way it is currently in my opinion.
You shouldn't put a pointless area like the spring that leads to a deadend with 4 rings and scatter in the middle. It's not really not necessary. And the other one that leads to another deadend with 4 rings and auto in them middle, it's really... not needed. But this map is overally good.

Lethal Filibuster Zone by Fawfulfan (6/10)

The only map that made me crack up at when I start.
Although the map is too small honestly for CTF in my opinion. Not to mention it's dull, only one side vs. one side at the other end with no challenge to reach the other side. You should be more CREATIVE in the zone making. It's good as is whatsoever. :P Colormap OK in this map ;)

Spoiler: CHECK THIS OUT before you comment anything strange!!!!


Galactic Waterworks
This kinda floor

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