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I'm a huge fan of exploration games myself, and that's part of why I still love classic Sonic as the old stages are amazingly deep and full of secret paths to uncover. On the other hand, I can't personally imagine a 3D free-roaming Sonic would go over well with Sonic's primary audience which seems to really like the modern roller coaster linear design. Having exploration in a game you can still play linearly is just far easier to do in 2D, after all.

Honestly, it's not like SEGA could possibly do an exploration game as well as Breath of the Wild anyways, so it makes more sense for them to stick with what they can actually do. Doesn't change that I would absolutely love to see Sonic in a 3D Mario kind of situation where your abilities allow you to explore the world based on physics. Imagine getting "stars" by using Sonic's ramp physics.
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