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Sonic Mania is still a solid game, mind, but I feel like the "let's remix old zones again" idea was just Iizuka shoehorning stupid bullshit into the plot as part of his evil corporate master plan.
Partially true. Sonic Mania was originally just the Sonic 1 + 2 remasters bundled with a couple of new levels, but when shown to Iizuka, he loved it and asked them to make a full game out of it - yes, the remix was probably a part of that deal, but otherwise we would've just gotten a Sonic 1 + 2 remaster port to PS4/Xbox One/Switch/etc. with just a couple of those levels. He could've said "no, don't add more levels" or "no, don't release that," but he went further than saying yes to the few new levels and helped push it through as a full-fledged game. Another tidbit: he gave explicit approval for the Chemical Plant Act 2 boss in Mania to the surprise of the developers. So you gotta give him some credit.

I'll echo the idea of having a fully originally 2D classic game from the Mania devs as one of my perfect Sonic games. I would also love a fully original 100% 3D boost game from the Generations devs.
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