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Industrial Valley Zone Act 1 by Zipper - 3/10
The first room with the sudden acid rise from nowhere is very cheap and impossible to see coming. The red springs aren't positioned correctly so you have to floor the down key to stop from careening into the acid, and that only works if the camera's in a good enough mood to face ahead of you. The next room isn't much better with a platform that crumbles on touch for no reason. The rest of the map is really boring and what is the deal with that tube room that just sends you in circles endlessly until you decide to give up and backtrack?

Azure Temple Zone by Mystic & Prime 2.0 - 9/10
Challenging without crossing the line into cheap. Not much wrong with it other than that the bubblebuzzes are slightly buggy and the puzzle path doesn't give you any hints that the gargoyle flames can pass through lit switches, which makes the third puzzle very frustrating. However, said third puzzle is very fun once you actually know how to do it. In other news, the colormap makes it almost impossible to tell you added a custom shield in.

Sonic's Schoolhouse by Boinciel - 4/10
no comment

Frozen Hillside Zone Act 2 by Blade - 6/10

The heavy snow gimmick is a bit overdone, and it's not really clear you have to break the ice to move on until I broke it by accident. I liked everything in the ice palace section though, shame it didn't last long.

Chemical Facility Zone Act 2 by CoatRack - 7/10
Tone down the turrets, please. Especially at the jump up the waterfall near the end, which is hard enough to figure out without the turrets harassing you. The chemical gimmicks are hit and miss, though I liked pretty much everything involving the bouncy orange chemical. The reverse gravity also feels a bit out of place, and the camera has a few issues in those sections. The map in general though is solid and has enough gimmick variety to not be boring.

Lightless Labyrinth Zone by ShadowHog - 1/10
Uh.. to put it nicely, I really don't care for this at all. It drags on way too long, it's overly tedious, the spotlights look really weird, the path tends to be almost impossible to find, anything with the fire guys past the first encounter with them is a massive chore that usually had me noclipping through the door because it was just sooo boring. Seriously, this entire map is just a glorified maze made more frustrating by the inability to see the walls. Even worse are the invisible pitfalls and crushers which you cannot properly judge the size of. You get one point for the boss, but I was really tempted to give this a 0.


Green Match Zone by Root - 0/10
This is unplayable because of the sheer lack of rings and maze-like structure. You didn't place all the weapon panels (not like there's ammo to shoot them with) and there's opaque non-colormapped water hiding death pits.

Marble Zone by CoatRack - 8/10

I wouldn't mind seeing this as a vanilla map. It's very pretty. I'm not a fan of the rail panel being under a really slow crusher. It's a bit too hard to find the way out of the lava pit in that one outdoor section.


Glades of Serenity by Scizor300 - 6/10
It's way too easy to hide here. No, I don't mean camping, I mean "where the hell is the flag carrier" and such. Also, the upper route is pretty boring. It's just a flat path and tends to be easy mode for the flag carrier.

Fungus Forest by RedEnchilada - 5/10
The river here has the same problems as the upper path in Sciz's map, except it also provides some great hiding spots. The rest of the map is fairly meh, and I didn't find the layout terribly interesting.

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