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Also, I don't mean to insult you, but it just really bugs me how you always think you're right. Not once have I seen you consider anyone's opinion on anything before.
You probably weren't aware, but this was actually discussed at length in #srb2fun before I posted this announcement trying to gauge how much hatred it would generate. The only reason we're even AT this point is because of years of public opinion and public discussion about circuit and what to do about it. I actually decided I wanted to make this change four MONTHS ago but decided to wait to make sure that it was the right decision to make, and look more at the public opinions and whether my personal opinion matched public opinion. A lot of people seem to think that because I don't immediately back down upon negative feedback that I'm not listening to them or I don't respect their opinion. This is most definitely not the case, but just because I respect your opinion doesn't mean I agree with it, and while a few decent points have been thrust forward against what I'm doing, I really haven't seen anything significant enough to make me want to reconsider removing the circuit division from the OLDC. Remember that the people that tend to reply to topics like this are those that really don't like the change. Those that are on the fence or like the change aren't nearly as likely to reply to the thread because negative emotions tend to be the ones that get people up in arms on the internet. Don't take the relative ratio of posts in this thread to mean that there is some kind of majority opinion against the change.

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And if you really can't fix the netcode, then why not? SRB2CS was able to do it, and I was able to netgame properly for the first time in years with few flaws that were easily ignored.
This statement is pretty laughable and if I were you I'd drop this train of thought before you make a fool of yourself. SRB2CS is horrifically buggy in its own way, only supports a few parts of the game, and introduces its own massive list of problems. Obviously there are better netcode implementations out there than the one we're currently using, and I'd love to use one, but SRB2CS is definitely NOT it, and we do not have the people with the technical expertise necessary to make a solution that actually is passable at solving the problem.
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