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I hate this username :(
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I'm not doing a Big Brother "I know what's best for you so sit down and shut up".
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I'm saying it with the intent to do what's best in the long term for the OLDC as a whole.

Also, I don't mean to insult you, but it just really bugs me how you always think you're right. Not once have I seen you consider anyone's opinion on anything before. And if you really can't fix the netcode, then why not? SRB2CS was able to do it, and I was able to netgame properly for the first time in years with few flaws that were easily ignored.
<SirCoat> me for what?
<Jester the lucky 7> for hurassing a server shouting out hangout and for being in a hangout
<SirCoat> what does that have to do with you hangouting
<SirCoat> ...
<Streakster The Fox> um this is a hangout
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