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Originally Posted by Internet Explorer View Post
Since we have to vote according to "the best to the worth", we don't have to add the note anywhere in the post, right ?
You never had to provide reasoning for your vote. It is preferred but just putting a number is and always has been acceptable.

Originally Posted by Katmint View Post
Sounds fine to me, but one question: what if you like two maps equally? In the current system you could just vote them the same score, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do it in the new system.
This is correct. You DO have to decide which one is better. It might be hard to decide sometimes, but considering how much easier this is than deciding between a 7 and an 8, I think this'll work itself out in time. Instead of having 11n options, you now have n-1 options for the entire division. This makes the decision tree a lot simpler when voting.

Originally Posted by Monster Iestyn View Post
Where does the actual quality of the maps, including the top ones, fit into this?
It doesn't, and it never has. The leaderboards have always been a terrible comparison of quality because of the reasons I outlined above. Different voters have different opinions of what the numbers mean, and often equivalently decent maps end up with an average 1-2 apart simply because different people voted in the contest. I've said time and time again that you're using numbers that were never meant for statistical purposes and making them into statistics, generating a meaningless table.

I am actually glad this removes the leaderboard, as that was another unfair part of the OLDC system that's needed to be removed for a long time.
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