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Gotta say, I quite enjoyed this map, and that's coming from someone who normally HATES horror, never really has been my thing. I honestly would like to see more puzzle maps like this, whether they're horror themed or not.

As a side note, how does one get the good ending? Maybe I'm just blind but I can only seem to find out how to get the normal ending and the secret bad ending. Is there a choice to make prior to the one at the road that I'm missing, or is it done via a side route I missing during the normal/secret bad ending route?

Also, I find it funny how you pass by a dead Sonic, and it told me "You walked by you're own dead body! And yet, I was Shadow.
Thank you very much for supporting and playing! I'm really grateful for this!

By the way, when you get the "Normal Final", you must search the black paint with a ring in its front around the gates room (the room in that you must search the buttons for open the doors/gates).

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