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The weird:
Yoshinori Sunaraha - Swing the Clipper gives me vertigo.

The bass in 808 State - Quincy's Lunch is like a deep brain massage. It's my personal i-Jammer.

Palais Schaumburg - Easy Go
seems to have been composed in the most inappropriate key imaginable for a pop song. Can't tell what the hell I'm supposed to feel or think about it. Most unnerving thing I could dance to.

The moody:
ELO - When Time Stood Still: Despite the earmarks of a garden variety pop ballad, that bootleg demo track recording of reverb-tinged 80s wall of sound production vibe, with the lyrics in the context of the album's narrative- it's just one the most profoundly isolating songs I've ever heard.

Same sound with The Beach Boys - Feel Flows, which is half cheating because I'll always know it as the credits song for Almost Famous, being one of the most effective audio cues ever. Still my go-to song for mental sublimation.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - A Tomb All Your Own works too. Dude's the king of the 8-track mastered jam session.

The angry:
Battles - My Machines is engineered to get me fucking pumped. It's like the eroticism of a motorcycle engine revving up turned into music with the most mathematical rhythm.

I was thinking about this all night at a time when I really needed to just reflect and decompress, so thanks for the welcome distraction
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