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Dail ... eh ? Whoever has done Lakeside Hill? It may not be possible! How can you make a level ... as old in 1 player and do something with much more work here?
It is a theme that strange ... but I immediately loved it. Sort of like "sand rock" with "industrial rock" ... hmm, it's hard to explain but I like it.
The items are well placed throughout. Except I saw two panels of scatter, but that's all.
I think it rings and rings banks are well placed. About towers, me, I would rather put access to the top of the towers through the central Rocky Mountains.
I removed the spring, if you prefer. But hey, it's not too serious.
A little more work on some basics such as the size of the level, and I think increase the score. Work a little more general, simply. It's good for me.
Thanks for your judging and score. I never thought I would get a score like this.

Oh, and my name is Dails, not Dail.
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