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Thanks, I always was good animating, but if you practice moar you can be even better than me :P. Also, the polycount and verts limit of Srb2 is not enough to render the '06 model sadly. TheDoctor is working on a reduced poly version (i hope :PPPPP).
Yep. (Oh poop I forgot to work on that) *runs home to laptop*

You see, the 06 model has a perfect triangle count, however it's vert count is humongous. It would need to be reduced to a ratio of 0.17 in order to work, but with a decimation to .17, the model looks extremely ugly, that's why I am manually decimating it, to try to keep its original look, while having a lower vert count. So far I have worked on some parts on the head arms and body.
Portal Disco Anyone?:

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