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I am not going to say SRB2 because obvious is obvious. Maybe the topic title should say favorite sonic fangame that is NOT SRB2.

Spark the Electric Jester. I am cheating a bit here, this is more of a game that kind of combines the gameplay Kirby and Sonic. Right now it is only a demo, and it plays pretty well. I would check out the demo if you have a chance. Too bad it doesn't currently let you change the buttons on a gamepad if you have one though.

Freedom Planet. Yeah I am cheating again here, but this also has a fast gameplay mechanic sort of like sonic. It sort of feels like ristar at some points. I only played the demo of the game, maybe I will get the game if it goes on sale, since it does look fun.

This one is not going to be a favorite, but more of a game that I remember back in the hayday of Sonic fan games HQ and is actually fangame starring Sonic.
Sonic: Time attacked. I haven't played it in ages, so I am guessing it might have not aged that well, but I remember the unique art style. I remember it having some unique secrets, which is quite interesting at the time. I don't even know if you can download it anymore. Some of the sites that you can download it look a bit sketchy, so I would say don't bother.
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