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This looks cool, I bet it will take the smart guys awhile to emulate this one.

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Originally Posted by MalikTH View Post
One of the biggest problems that Nintendo has had in the past is cooperation with third-party developers. Now, just look look LOOK!

I honestly don't see why people are saying it isn't much; it definitely seems to be saying that Nintendo is supporting third-party game development more than they did before. (why is autodesk on there, i thought they were just for 3D modeling)

Another reason is the sleek design. It's such a huge departure from the consoles we have now, so it seems like a new experience. It seems to take a little bit of the OUYA's design. please don't kill me for mentioning the console, i honestly like the thing

I second that. All of it.
Maya for NX, seems legit...

Konami and Capcom, reminds me of when they made games for the NES. Too bad the NX may use a PowerPC CPU.

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