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*sees Sonic Mania*

... I want it. Seriously, this game. THIS AMAZING GAME, is gonna be first on my 'Sonic game' list. Why? Well, for one, it's being made by Taxman and Stealth. The people behind the Sonic CD, 1 & 2 remasters. (The prototype Sonic 3 Remastered too.)

It's mostly original, (I can't say it's original, because of the new Green Hill Zone.) Tails and Knuckles finally return as playable characters, not as useless background characters for once. Basically, in a nutshell, this is kinda like Megaman 9/10, but smacked in the face, with graphical improvements(?)

I'm going to get this game, and so should you, if you happen to be a Classic Sonic fan.

P.S (The drop-dash...? Why? I want my insta-shield...)
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