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I'm really excited for Freedom Planet's release! I'll have to hold off on purchasing it after having to get a new notebook and all, (Hardware troubles with my main laptop.) but I'm glad it's finally released so I can buy it and play it death when I have the chance.

Originally Posted by Maximus Universal View Post
I am NOT paying fifteen dollars for a game that i'll beat in 3 hours!

(Removal of emphasis mine.)
But you would have gladly paid $120 + sales tax for both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles separately when they released decades ago, wouldn't you? Both games locked-on can be beaten in less than an hour, an hour. $15 for a brand new game that's probably three times the length of the most highly praised Sonic title in its series ever is a steal.

For the love of God, when did a game's length become the ultimate measuring stick for some people in this industry? Games have ranged from short to so-long-nobody-has-time-to-beat-it-twice (Final Fantasy IV, I'm looking right at you.) since the 90's, but nobody ever complained about that back then.

I pay for fun, quality games that are made with love, and that's all that really matters to me.
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