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Edit:It sucks,so,it still gave me a stack dump when I ran it.

I found out that it also is a DOL file instead of an ELF file and was only 2 Megs instead of 4 Megs like 2.0.0 RC4 was.

I hope you can fix this cuz it sucks that I see a speed update release and cannot use it because of a dump crash.

In case it helps the 2.0.6 binary did not include the outer SRB2Wii folder,it also did not have the compressed filesystem.tar file as well.

Edit:I found another build in the filesystem of the music.dat fix,it did not dump,and it runs (a little faster than 2.0.0 RC4) but does not expand the files or load/save save files.
Because of that, I cannot get access to the secrets menu in use of my save files.
I make new N64 Gameshark codes and enhance existing codes.

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