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Resident Evil 4

No, I am not kidding you, I have heard people complain about this game, I thought it was fun, brilliant, full of action, the horrors were well put, my personal favorite being that invisible wall creeper guy who you have to use Liquid Nitrogen for.

Kingdom Hearts II

On websites like 4chan you hear how this game is bad all of the time. I f you want my advice, play this game. It's extremely fun, long and the stories and disney/final fantasy crossing over into one franchise for the second time made it worth my money.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Ah yes, Hideo Kojima's second entry in this humongous saga is known to be one of the least favortie of the series. Mainly because of how Raiden stole the show after just about well over 2 hours of gameplay as Solid Snake. It was honestly great and fun, I thought it was cool.
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