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Well... time to vote.

*Single Player Maps*
Name: Neo Canyon Zone
Author: Chrome
Comment: Fairly short, but it's quite a good one. Didn't really get lost much, maybe because I stayed on the upper route or something.
Name: Mad Gadget Zone
Author: Simsmagic & Kyasarin
Comment: Seems decently difficult, I kinda had trouble with that one section where this platform comes out of the ground near some Egg-Shield Bots and you can't tell when it it'll come up. Also... that one Zoomtube before the 2D area seems to be broken sometimes...

Name: Gleaming Caverns Zone
Author: 742mph
Comment: Crystals... everywhere, also... one of the 2D sections with a checkpoint doesn't work correctly when you respawn as you can bypass the 2D Mode trigger. Otherwise a decent map.

Name: Eggslimer Battle Zone
Author: Boinciel & Prime 2.0
Comment: Erm... it's the Egg Slimer, with spikes and moves faster upon each hit with water & platforms that fall to reach it, that's all I can say, really.
Name: Thawing Icecap Zone
Author: Scooby Doo
Comment: At the start it lags due to the fire turrets, then again... it lags whenever there's too many of them. Otherwise it plays up alright until I get to a point where you're required to use Whirlwind Shields to get by, and Sonic users that fail to do so have no choice but to die in order to have them respawn. By the way... no Thok Barrier will lead to bad things which I didn't know until about near the end with some Detons & Speed Shoes and well...

Name: Fire Castle Zone
Author: Profesor Oak
Comment: I... really don't know what to say about this one other than Jetty Gunner Spam with a Armageddon Shield which leads to tons of points. It just feels like a 1.09.4 kind of map.


I think that's all the Single-Player maps. Hopefully I didn't miss any.
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