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Here's my multiplayer division reviews...


MAPM1 - Setting Sands Zone by ZarroTsu - 6/10
Now, I'm sure that this would be dandy and all if it weren't for the fact that it's incredibly huge. Scale it down a bit, especially the center area. Still pretty good, and I liked the new colormap (This place hates OpenGL :<)

MAPM2 - Celestial Sanctuary Zone by Mystic - 7/10
Three words: I. Hate. Pits.
Otherwise, a great level and debatably the best one in this OLDC.

MAPM3 - Quick Cliffs Zone by Scizor300 - Canyon/Match
This is that tiny level that I was going to submit for a previous OLDC, but a number of complications prevented its release. I went through my old level list recently and I rediscovered this. So I went and expanded it a bit.

Note: If you can thok into a spring, you can get anywhere in this level. Bomb ring, SRM (Or at least I think, damn linedef crap for SRM/WRMs now, right?), and the SRM also opens a decent sniping spot.

MAPM4 - Orange Stream Zone by Brawl - 4/10
So, this is the only match level that lagged SRB2 on OpenGL for me, and I have no clue why. The visuals were decent, but some of the things really did not work. Key example being the giant crusher that comes out of the lake from nowhere. The massive clusters of rings were kind of bad, and I saw clumps of ammo in a few spots.


MAPF1 - Castle CTF Zone by Teleporter 412 - 3/10
This is awesome when you're the only one who knows how to get to the flag, but otherwise it's horrid. The level design is cramped, and the jailing system is completely random.

MAPF2 - Water Hall Zone by Kuba11 - 6/10
Lots of purple, but a great map. The level design flowed pretty well, but it was incredibly easy to get the flag, even as Sonic. The bomb ring location could have stood out a bit more, too.

MAPF3 - Seaside Strike Zone by RedEchidna - 7/10
Well holy damn, Red, for a rush job this is pretty fun. The matches were short but nice, there was a good amount of action, and the item placement was good. The top path was never really used, though.

MAPF4 - Gravity Garden Zone by Charybdizs - 4/10
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SO MUCH DETAIL!!! But yeah, this is the laggiest portion of my OLDC runthrough while I had my server up. The level was incredibly empty, but it somehow lagged my game pretty bad. The anti-gravity gimmick didn't really work out that well, to be honest. Try adding more level structure, but use less sectors and FOFs.

MAPF5 - Volcanic Temple Zone by Metal Fighter - 5/10
A pretty average map, if you ask me. Try making the lava liquid, using the newer lava textures, and adding some springs into the lava pits.


MAPR1 - Mushroom Hill Zone by Simsmagic - 6/10
This map was short but sweet, and the mushroom gimmick was used pretty well. My suggestions would be to make it longer, and maybe use some more texturing.

MAPR2 - Cherry Canyon Zone by Katmint - 4/10
PROTIP: setlives 99 is required in this map. This is the hardest race map I've ever played. The texturing isn't much of a problem, but those flame jets at the crusher lag the entire level, making it a pain in the ass to finish the spring portion. Please remove those flame jets. Please.

MAPR3 - Sunken Cave by Kuba11 - 7/10
Well, this is definetly the best map in the Circuit division. The texturing is great, the flow is nice (Though some springs in certain areas would be nice), and the map is overall great.

MAPR4 - Greenflower Rush Zone by Spongecar - 4/10
Well, I don't really see many 2D maps in the OLDC. The flow was horrid, and there wasn't many hazards other than the unforseen death pits. Bopping the SDURF is funny, though... in some way.

MAPR5 - Disco Dash Zone by Brawl - 2/10

The flow was somewhat better than Greenflower Rush, but that's pretty much it. I kept randomly flying off the track, sometimes flying into the death pits, or going just far enough that I just can't get to the spring. The scenery is bad, and the turret made no sense to have in it. Please, I'd rather you do 3D abominations than 2D abominations.

So-so OLDC, at least better than the last one

EDIT: Finally got off my ass and posted some reviews.
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