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Setting Sands Zone - 9/10 this one was the bigest fun. thanks to sandfilling it was like whole level was still changing. (my english sux)
Celestial Sanctuary Zone - 7/10- really nice map but huuuuuuuuuuge. Also i found spot that sonic cant reach.
Quick Cliffs Zone - 6/10 - Youre not safe anywhere in this map, thats why you probably wont plaz this map more than ten minutes but its real fun when ten or more people are playing. I liked music too.
Orange Stream Zone - 1/10 - Why so small rating? Because of:
-orange lake
-wierd trees or bushes or what the crap was that suposed to be
-too many rings and railrings

Race maps:
Mushroom Hill Zone: 7/10 wow level that is fun. I think this one is one of small amount of circuits that are fair for all three chars.
Cherry Canyon Zone: 0/10 this level is horrid. I played with my friend we both were Sonics. We died in 2 minutes, so we tried this level with Tails. And we died on that last spring part. Thats ridiculous! I had 6 lives before it.
Everyhing with springs, fire or that wierd brown water in this level sucks.
Sunken Cave: 6/10 It wasnt bad but it wasnt as fun as Mushroom hill.
Greenflower Rush Zone: 2/10 This level: Runinng, 2 jumps, Glitchy 3D part, Running, Thok, End of lap. Wow! Is that how you think good circuit should look like?
Disco Dash Zone: 1/10 Turrets and undodgeble spring deaths? This level is really bad. Its as bad as Cherry Canyon but its not so long (and thats good). Another good thing is that this level is possible to complete.

CTF maps:Castle CTF Zone: 0/10 OH MAN - Its canyon CTFs sequel. This level is terible. Teleports work - sometimes. It once locked me and Scizor had to restart game.
Water Hall Zone: 4/10 Not so bad, but its ugly and it wasnt much fun.
Seaside Strike Zone: 6/10 Its really small and fact that upper path is completly worthless isnt making it any better. At least its fun.
Gravity Garden Zone: 8/10 Best CTF zone - those gravity changes makes it more interisting (i would lose against Scizor in one minute without them)
Volcanic Temple Zone: 4/10 Its more like Fire Maze version of Water Hall
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