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Yay, let's get this over with. =)

Single Player:

Flooded Mine Zone, Act 1 by Spongecar - 2/10
While this level is not particularly glitchy, the actual design of it is rather shocking. You have a weird mix of themes here, and I'm sorry, but reverse gravity does not fit into either a mine theme OR a GFZ theme. AT ALL. That part of the level was the one I hated the most, you couldn't run OR jump, since both of those would get you killed, and the fact that you had to go around those spikes wasn't exactly obvious or easy. The rest of the level was boring, rather cramped hallways with bad texturing.

It's very obvious that you have most of the technical aspects of mapping perfect now. Just work on your design and I hope to see some good maps from you soon.

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 3/10
Seems like standard glaber to me. I don't think you take in what people say about your levels. The texturing was bad at some points and the enemy and ring placement wasn't good, I found quite a few glitches while going through here, including but not limited to a hallway I could spindash into but couldn't get out of near the end, floating Minus enemies and some other problems. And please, stop using those SRB2 Christmas enemies, they are ugly and useless. Also, it didn't seem like a warehouse to me at all. It was just a few outside parts, and inside a small building and then mostly caves... Anything good to say about the level? Well, it seems you aligned the textures you DID get right, and there weren't any actual sector/texture-based glitches or problems.

Twilight Isles Zone by Thompson - 8/10
Oooh yeah, I quite liked this one. I was originally going to give this 7/10, but I thought it deserved one more point. The reason why this is 8/10 is different from other levels that I've given 8/10 before though... this level isn't without problems. The texturing and some of the level design is iffy in some places, and some of the puzzles are a bit confusing at times (especially the very first one). But those two criticisms are easily swamped by everything that's GOOD about the level.

The puzzles, though somewhat confusing at times were quite sophisticated and challenging, but not frustrating so I kept on going throughout the level. The best thing about the level though, are the gimmicks. The way you exploited that glider SOC was superb, flying through those hoops was very fun (for me at least), though changing altitude could be a tiny bit faster. =) The mushrooms were a very nice touch, I thought, and would have been even better if you used the Sonic & Knuckles Mushroom bouncing sound when you bounced on them. The ending sequence was very interesting as well. I also thought the music and sky fit well, as well. Well done, and please start making a mod with even better quality than this. =)


Sorry I couldn't get Undersea Palace in, I want it to be perfect. Overall though, the single player division sucked (again...) apart from Twilight Isles. Oh well, got to try multiplayer soon.
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