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It's okay, but I don't consider it an improvement.

It's very, very, very easy to lose track of where Metal Sonic is due to how dark the whole place is. He should be made fullbright or the lighting in the stage changed or something. Also those props around the arena aren't solid. Why aren't they solid? They look solid, it only opens you to a cheap hit when you take cover behind them and then MS passes right through them. They also make the problem of MS being hard to see more annoying since he may just be behind those dumb lampposts or those dumb whatever they are, as you look around trying to find him. IMO, this decoration should be outside the arena. That way they won't get in the way.

You also badmouthed vanilla Metal Sonic's pinch phase attack but the equivalent here is not good at all. Vanilla Metal's attack may be boring as shit once you know the trick, but it's easy to understand for first-time players at least - he charges at you, then bounces around the arena in predictable angles a few times before resetting his pattern. Here, MS just... what? I've played this boss fight a bunch and I still don't understand what's going on. He charges at me... then everything after that seems random. Running around the arena seems to be good to avoid it but that's not very involving is it? Plus I still somehow take damage at times anyway so what the heck.

It's still a good effort though, I guess. Having more bosses is a-ok with me.
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