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I'll be voting soon, but as of yet I haven't played Sapphire Coast.

Originally Posted by Internet Explorer
The music of your level, KO.T.E, looks to a remix of Sonic Heroes music, and yours, Blade, looks to the music of the first level of a sonic fan game. Both are pretty, can you give me their names, if you can read this - please ?
Since they're probably in bed right now, I'll answer this one myself.

Eggmansion's music was actually not a remix at all, but a song from an old PC game called Jazz Jackrabbit 2. The song is right here

As for Sapphire Coast's music, it was actually part of the Japanese Sonic CD soundtrack. Quartz Quadrant Good Future, actually.

On a different note, that'ssssss a very nice bosssss you have there, KOTE. ;~;
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?

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