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I'd like to remind everyone that setting up netgames on the forum generally doesn't work, and that's why it's against the rules. If you want to set up netgames, I suggest just actually hosting. Keep doing it, especially at a consistent day and time, and you'll attract an audience. Post on our IRC channel and/or one of the several SRB2 related Discord rooms when you set up, and above all don't be obnoxious about it. Over time you'll generate a bigger and bigger audience. Talking about getting netgames running isn't going to do a whole lot; if you want to get netgames going, actually start some netgames.
Yes I do host and yes people join but what I'm pointing out is there's no match players its mainly coop also I guess we decided to do a tourney on weekends so meaning this weekend too I guess. I also don't have the srb2 discord room
If you were a good match player 1v1 me, message me if you want to 1v1 :1
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