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Default Two new testing releases for v0.3

Two new testing releases for v0.3

To commemorate 5,000 page views and 457 downloads, I'm releasing two more testings releases for Arch Pack v0.3:

- Lift Bridge Zone received more Super Ring Monitors (2 out of them spawn randomly for the LULZ). A player on my server pointed me out LBZ has so few Super Ring Monitors. He's right. So, that's it.

- Misc Realm Zone was renamed to Miscellaneous Trip (Yea, why should I sit under Mystic Realm's shadow?). Also, remaining broken spikes were fixed; I tested them all. It's a minor thing, but at least players will no longer shove it on my face every time I host the pack: "-- LOL, spikes FAIL!!! they dont werk XD")

Check out the 1st post to download and test them. If no one complains, they'll be included into main pack.

That's all.
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