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The problem, Ezer, is that you can't "force" people to be creative. They need to be inspired. If what you say is correct, than it is doomed to fail.
Surely. But I was kind of interpreting the action, not agreeing or disagreeing with the action. To be honest, the problem seems to be the way how people here deal* with each other rather than systems and rewards -- just a slight-note -- and that's the why I stopped posting on SRB2-related subjects (it includes my level pack), I have been away, and when I'm here I restrict my posts in the Minecraft topic (my latest 50 posts except 2 or 3 are there). But I'm not happy with it.

In my humble opinion, inspiration comes from motivation, and motivation comes from the people, not from things and rewards whose effects wear off quickly -- another slight-note.

Originally Posted by BlueZero4 View Post
Can we have those conversations as a community?
Yes, please. And I believe we had some of those conversations. I miss them, a lot. Not only with you, with other people too.


* - Since deal can mean a lot of things, let me elaborate it "the problem is the way how people respect each other, their opinions and works rather than systems and rewards, for example, changing the submission system or golden titles"... just trying to give a hint this discussion is limited to talking about if extending the submission period or rewards will or will not work, while there are lots of reasons -- which I no longer bother discussing -- why OLDC has become mediocre and people are now making lots of racket (still remember the RedXVI's quote?), even though SRB2Wiki and the submissions board, among other things, had gone down the same path ages ago and almost nobody "noticed" it. The problem isn't the OLDC itself, OLDC is kind of a signal that something has been worsening and the "issue" has hit the core of the community, and just now the majority got a clue.

When the things become better, I'll be back. I need a break.
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