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Isn't it already increased to 2 months from 1? I don't think increasing it then really helped matters, but not being in charge of the contest and often not paying it any attention, my opinion on this matter is potentially not the average one.
I think rather increasing the delay is a great idea. Because, first, of course, this will give more time to makers, who are busy with studies, another project, or whatever, the most important point. Then, this can also give them hope : they know they have more time, so they would think they have all the time they need to make an awesome map. Now, maybe the time between 2 contests is long. That's why the faster ones can make another level in another category : SP, CTF, Match.
Also, thanks to this idea, the contest will have more levels, with a higher quality. So even if the time between two contests is 1/3 of a year, we can know we'll have a lot of maps (maybe more than 2 contests merged), and with more fun because of more work. That's just my view.

EDIT : Oh also, stretch the period between 2 contests will make the contest rarer, so it will look more important, and probably get more serious.
It's alright, go on, you'll never know anything if you don't try

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