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Here's a bit of a special progress report on the final version!

There are two notable things I'm doing right now. First of all, I'm hard at work on Spacewalk Zone. I'm nearly halfway done designing Act 1. All I'll say about it is that this zone is going to have a few general gimmicks you've seen before, and a few complex gimmicks you've never seen before. I'm planning for this and Alien Armageddon Zone to be the longest zones in the mod.

Second of all, I've been giving Sunshine Atoll Zone a pretty sweeping overhaul. Expect the new version of SAZ to look very familiar...with a few major differences. Now, it's still far from perfect, and probably still one of the worst levels in SRB2TP, because most of what I've done simply exchanges one general design mistake for a different one. However, I think that this alternate design flaw will be a lot easier to fix in later versions. Also, I'm pretty sure you'll find SAZ2 at least slightly less confusing to navigate.

To those of you who are calling for me to just scrap that zone entirely and start fresh: I haven't entirely ruled out that possibility, but first, I'm going to do all I can to see if I can save the current design from the crushing, icy grip of crappiness.
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