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Originally Posted by Furyhunter
SRB2 uses multithreading but is not designed with multiple cores in mind. Vista onward will automatically put the main thread on the core with the least current load on it, but not all threads (like setting the affinity will do).

OpenGL is kind of fixed right now. It's so horrifyingly broken and crashes when you do pretty much anything, but it starts up as of 2.0.2.
Only ACZ1 crashes. The rest of the game is fine.

srb2sdl.exe is horribly broken on both Software and OpenGL, lsdlsrb2 and SRB2Mac are far more stable than srb2win.exe, and this is how I know this. =)

EDIT: Scratch that, on the latest SVN builds (and I think in 2.0.4 as well) ACZ1 no longer crashes in OpenGL.
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