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...Wait. I'm here?
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Meh, I have my Single Player level done for this contest, My CTF Level almost done and a Match level no done...Well, I have time to make my maps...
Originally Posted by Silent_Snipe
Originally Posted by Ice
I actually don't know if I'll be able to enter this one. I'm probably gonna be away from the computer for a while (parental restrictions)...
I'm attempting to get radiant emerald finished seeming i have the layout and just need to do all the FOF's, so yea maybe next time for me.
Ice...If you can come back soon...No...You'll not be able to enter this one...
@Silent:You have long enough time to do that.
EDIT:I'll just not enter the CTF contest.
EDIT2:I have finally finished my match map...Hope i get good scores...
...Stop looking.
Really, go away.
I mean it.
Oh, good job.
You're still reading this?
You could be making levels or even finding the cure for cancer!
...Okay, now it's wasted. Good job.
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